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Stop people in thier tracks with images made just for you!


I'm not the average advertisement photographer, I am a visual story teller who provides innovative expressive conceptual images tailor made for YOU.  Instead of getting the same average images to represent your brand, why not have photos that capture the heart and soul of your business, brand or cause? Why not stand out from all the rest?


I have always had an issue with putting myself in a box because of all the different types of photography I provide. From working with artist, food, models, digital art, products, portraits, fashion, and book covers each images is different and unique, not any one client has the same image. Isn't that what you want for your business? To be different from the rest, to stand out, to be innovative? If the answer is yes than I'm the photographer for you!


About the Artist

“My daughter is the one who taught me to be a photographer,” proclaims Michelle Engberg, Having rose from the ashes of a trying childhood and youth on the inner-city streets of New York, Michelle is living proof that when art meets love, anything is possible. Nothing is more important to Michelle than being an example for her daughter of what it means to lead a fulfilling life: a life where self-expression and service are central.    
Michelle is a conceptual fine art and surrealist photographer based in Phoenix. She began pursuing photography in 2011, creating images ranging from fashion spreads and brand advertisements to surrealist album covers and her own interpretations of fairytales. Michelle has recently been featured in Dark Beauty Magazine and Cooph Magazine, as well as a number of artistic and philanthropic collaborations for local, national, and international platforms—such as Dark Beauty Magazine, Institute Magazine and Vogue Italia. Michelle has found her home creating art that inspires a sense of wonder and limitless discovery. It’s her hope that every viewer will see something new each time he or she beholds her work. Michelle continues to develop herself not only as an artist, family woman, and philanthropist, but also as a teacher. She conducts workshops and private lessons for photographers looking to hone their craft.





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